The salamander is a symbol of fire and renewal. It announces transformation and change. Salamander people are "always willing to help others transform their lives into something more balanced and promising." (from



Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia

Ravens are very intelligent birds and can be trained to speak. This ability has led to legends of ravens being messengers or able to foretell the future. Symbolically the raven is about rebirth, recovery, renewal recycling and certainly reflection and healing. He signifies moving through transitions smoothly by casting light into the darkness. The raven can also show how to stir life without fear and teach to balance life's playful aspects. 

The Goner

A salamander is looking back towards mountains, maybe at her past, and either does not see the raven in the joshua tree or is too frightened to look at it. There's a crown floating over her head. She is standing on a rock which appears to be moving on its own though it seems she could jump off at any time. The broken circle in the background is like the motion of stars in a timelapse.

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The Goner is paired with the Survivor.