Poster entry for the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest

Keeping with the music theme from my last post, here's a design I'm planning to submit for a poster contest. A friend from my ukulele band got the word of this local event where a bunch of fiddlers, banjo players and more get together for a friendly contest in an old western town setting in Agoura Hills called Paramount Ranch. It's used for movies, weddings, or even hiking. A google search for pictures will make you want to go check that place out! 

If you scroll a little more I thought I'd share also my sketches, even the first one (which is pretty bad) because I usually tend to stop myself from drawing anything until I have a good idea. 


Sometimes that bad design has to come out first... Just have to finish it out and start a new idea. So a couple weeks ago I painted some trees, leaves and other bits for my new about page (you should check it out btw) and I painted the bottom part of a tree trunk and later just cause I had paint leftover I added some red bits to it. Playing around often leads to other things, doesn't it. I started sketching that strange tree, then the mountains and sun came out, which coincidentally also look like the body of a banjo and fiddle! All it was missing was some musicians and the rest all happened in Illustrator.