Cute characters pyjama set: hummingbirds!

This week on FolioFocus was all about cute characters for pyjamas sets. I thought long and hard about what animal to choose for my design and finally decided on the hummingbird because come on, aren't they the cutest? Perhaps even more so than the owl! 

To show a bit of the process below, it starts with a quick sketch in Procreate to brainstorm colors and after that I move to painting by hand for the textures. Even if the paint comes out pretty rough it's no big deal as I'll refine and add details later on in Photoshop. 


My original idea was to do one design with hummingbirds and another with turtle doves but it seemed cuter to make each one the main design of a shirt and just save the doves for another time.

The trick after that was to come up with patterns for the pants to complement the shirts and all pieces able to mix and match. For that I moved to Illustrator and tried different ideas playing with cactuses, birds and stripes. 

Those two pants were maybe cute enough but they felt a little busy, like the birds had no room to fly! Not quite reflective of their free spirited character. So instead of cramming the icons together I tried another arrangement inspired by their flight pattern, which is more like a loop. I've seen them do this a lot, they tend to plunge from way high and then come up. Now that pattern makes me smile :) 


The pyjamas are intended for older kids such as pre-teens and teens, but as someone pointed out when I shared to the group who's to say they couldn't suit also young at heart 40-something's ;)