Sweater serendipity and a little DIY love


One of the last prints I made in the fall ended up with two swans on it. It didn't came from an image I saw before or anything, but just popped in my mind. Some time later I went on ASOS and saw this sweater with the two swans like in my drawing. I just had to get it. But the collar was so tight it made me wonder how men can stand to wear ties! I figured I'll have to find a way to fix the collar. An old tank top in my closet, a little sewing action, and voila, a whole new collar.

Transform a tea towel into an apron

While browsing booths at the recent Renegade Fair I came accross cool flour sack tea towels by "girls can tell". I thought they could make great aprons. Should not be that hard.. just cut the two upper corners and add ties, and voila. A old dress I had came with a teal fabric belt I never used which turned out to be a good contrasting color to the orangy-red tone of the towel graphics. No need to even shop for ribbon! Check out the photos for the towel to apron transformation.