Peggy Olson on roller skates with a tarot twist

Now that the Global Talent Search dust has settled since the 7 finalists were announced I am rolling on to the next thing in good spirits, happy for what I've learned and for having made it this far. Thanks to everyone who voted for my tins, I really appreciate your support!! So what is that next thing? Well someone asked for a print version of my Peggy on roller skates painting some time ago and I finally got around to it this week. 

Looking at my original painting it suddenly dawned on my that the two pendant lights could be seen as the two of pentacles in the Tarot cards. The meaning of the card is all there in that scene where Peggy is skating with Roger playing the organ piano in the background: dealing with a sudden office change, the uncertainty of her status in the new office, then learning to handle it by allowing herself to play and becoming more flexible. Like on the tarot card I added water to my sketch and an infinity loop around the pendant/pentacles.

I started out with a literal translation of the sketch with the carvings from my linoleum block and similar color treatment to the original painting. It needed more work though because I felt it looked more like something I would print in a magazine rather than put up on my wall. You can see a bit of the progression of the design below. To simplify I removed solid blocks like the painting and the back of the chair, made the skin into outlines and the water less prominent. Eventually I let go the initial composition and started moving things around and everything finally fell into place and started to tell a more compelling story:  the office chair replaces the boats in the traditional tarot card and represents the old office in disarray. Instead of juggling the coins with the hands, or externally, having them on the dress is like Peggy letting go of the struggle and able now to handle the ups and downs of life from the inside.

One of my next big goals is to rework some of my pieces and populate my Society6 shop, which also requires me to go big and deal with larger formats and files. So now I have two pieces up and will add more in the coming weeks. It's super fun to see the design on so many products. Here are a few below but there are even more in the shop