Fables of the hound and the whale

Here's another pair of opposite fables, which I call the traveler and the dweller. The idea for the traveler was based on a friend of mine. She's always on the go, loves surfing, and has a very cute and active dog she brings along everywhere she goes. I did the first sketch a couple years ago, adding the whale drawing a few months later. For this latest revision I reworked the colors and textures, and  replaced the words with new little stories.


The stories follow a haiku structure with 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Sometimes they come fairly easily, other times it takes me longer to find them. I start by forgetting any preconceived ideas from the previous versions and then write down the main impressions I get from the drawing. Like where does that house come from and goes like that in such a hurry? And that dog is just staring at the moon and nothing else matters.