fables of the heron and the swan

Here are the first two fables, "the loner" and "the visitor". They tell the stories of a heron and a pair of swans. I can identify a lot with the heron in this period of my life, having spent long stretches of time on my own whether by choice or not. I'm not even sure why I have been such a hermit especially in the last couple years, but it gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life and wanting to change things. And I figured the best place to start is to change myself, beginning with my perceptions of others and reactions to them. 


The pine in the loner story is the one right by the front of the guesthouse I live in, hidden from view and the street. I was also inspired by a picture from flickr of a lonely house in the woods. To change the drawing to its opposite I moved the house out of the way and gave it openings, turned the pine into flowing reed grass, and transformed the heron into a swan. It wasn't long that the ducks came back in the picture and another swan showed up.


I played a lot with textures to add colors to the original artwork, made with the blocks shown below. My first color version had muddier colors. Trying out a few filters on Instagram I decided to go with brighter colors. To make the blue stand out more I used a tutorial found on gram of the day that recreates the Hudson filter