Closing stories of the nightingale and mockingbird

Yes I said I was done with my series, but as I was preparing to post these last two to my instagram feed since I gave them new names it dawn on me that they needed new stories too. In the previous version they were called the dreamer and the performer.

 Now that I've gone through a whole bunch of these I understand the trick is to find the elements from the image and translate them in the text, using idioms if I can find good ones. On the left there was the moon, and the bird split in two with one half going for it and the other half staying back, and the solution came fairly easily, but the one on the right was much trickier to find. I figured there would be something related to the sun, and the bird being fully there and exposed, but it took me probably fifty trials before really getting it.

After all this searching, turns out the final lesson was.. be yourself! Sounds so simple, doesn't it. I don't know why it's such a hard thing to do, but it is. As a child I was told many times, find out who you are, yet at the same time there were many expectations from adults and teasing from other kids which seemed to tell me that who I was in reality was not acceptable. It created a kind of tug-of-war within, wanting to adhere to a certain ideal while keeping the real self under wrap for fear of being ridiculed or criticized. Even as I worked through this series of illustration my inner critic kept telling me it's stupid and I should stop. All throughout this fall I've had this feeling of something coming to an end. And maybe it is the end. Or maybe it's a new beginning? The New Year will tell.