Alchemy, patterns, fables and MOO stickers

I have lots to share with you today! First off, an open brief for Amelia's Magazine's 10th anniversary on the theme "That Which We Do Not Understand", meaning things like Mysticism, Spirituality, Alchemy, Paganism, Witchcraft and many more. To celebrate the anniversary Amelia put out this brief and launched a kickstarter campaign to fund her project (please help if you can!). She plans to produce a one off limited edition collectible artists’ book that will be available online and in a few prestigious bookshops (including the Tate) with an exclusive series of A2 limited edition gold foiled art prints. Cool, right??! I just learned about this via Amy from my Work/Art/Play class. As tempting as this sounded, with everything I've set to do and the tight deadline I didn't think I would be able to pull this off. But I did!! Here's the full artwork I sent in today. 

Below are the sketches I used for the illustration. It all started by looking at my ceiling like I do almost every morning while I eat my breakfast. It's a stucco ceiling and I always play and try to see "things" in the texture. One of them I see all the time is a lion. I've stared at him so many times, but never put him down on paper. Something pushed me to do it Friday morning, and from there I started researching how I could turn this lion into an idea for this brief. 


As far as mystic subjects goes I could easily find two applications for the lion. One is the tarot card "Strenght", and the other is a symbol for one of the stages of alchemy, a old spiritual tradition dating from the Middle Ages. I chose to go with the different stages of alchemy, in particular the cosmic marriage. I selected my favorite animals for each of the stages: the raven (blackening), the swan (whitening), the green lion devouring the sun (greening), the union of unicorn and stag representing the white queen and red king, followed by the resurrecting phoenix and the ouroboros which marks the completion of alchemy. The image of the king and queen is a very common one for alchemy and it is also similar to the "Lovers" card in the tarot deck.


When I was a kid we had a three-fold mirror in the bathroom and I loved to close both doors and form a triangle with me in the center. I was completely fascinated to see all the reflections repeating at infinity.  I believe we all reflect each other's consciousness and the triangular shaped heart in the center to me represents this universal consciousness, with the eye at the center to mean awareness.

Earlier in the week I developed a couple patterns for a class I'm taking. You can see where I borrowed from the idea on the second pattern for the layout of my alchemy illustration :). 

I also started working on a new fable for my series, it will be called "the goner." I'm only at the stage of figuring out the colors and textures, so this isn't final, but I though I'd show you where it's at.

The other one on the right is not new, but I found a better name for it this week. It was called the "dreamer", and I saw the tension in it as meaning uncertainty. Then I read a few days ago something about embracing who we really are rather than wishing to be someone we're not and the tension that result when doing that. This drawing I did a while ago, but I never quite understood it really until I read this. It's not about uncertainty or dreaming, it's about hiding the real self. The new name came to me in a flash while listening to the latest album from First Aid Kit (excellent btw), the song called "Master Pretender". Pretender, that's it! And the opposite I renamed the Proclaimer, as in "proclaiming" who we really are :).

One last quick thing! Moo has 25% off sale for another two days, so I took advantage and ordered some stickers to give away at my upcoming sale November 29th, see the info from the press release below.

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