Casbah Cafe
Collage of Fujimori's teahouse on stilts
Collage of Fujimori's Beetle House
Los Angeles love
Salamander fable, the goner
Seahorse fable, the survivor
hound fable, the traveler
whale fable, the dweller
nightingale animal fable, the pretender
mockingbird animal fable, the proclaimer
Bird fable, the sufferer
Lion fable, the protector
Sparrow fable, the pleaser
Swallow fable, the challenger
Raccoon fable, the storyteller
Unmasked raccoon fable, the beholder
Fable of the squirrel, the collector
Owl fable, the withholder
hummingbirds fable, the lovers
doves fable, the partners
elephant fable, the planner
horse fable, the improviser
Rooster weathervane fable, the waiter
Rooster fable, the summoner
fable of the hawk, the observer
fable of the crow, the messenger
heron fable, the loner
swan fable, the visitor
   if you'd like to have this design on a real pouch in your hands head over to Zazzle where you'll find my   Hawaiian Vintage Ukulele Travel Pouch   (that's me above using it to carry my essentials - phone, wallet, etc).  
Kinetic sculpture of man running with coffee
 Continuing with quails, partridges and flowers for my glass collection, I imagined a pleasant gathering by the patio with a refreshing drink and appetizers.
  read the blog post   This set of table linens could work great inside or outside on the patio. I was inspired by high desert quails, dusty miller perennials and california wild flowers.
  read the blog post   Metal being so versatile, I thought it would be great to create items for the California indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Inspired by quails and partridges, both found in this state, I named the collection "Happy Together" cause these birds are the social kind!
  Read the blog post    Here is a tea towel design based on the theme "englishness". I wanted to represent England's tradition of great musicians and what I believe makes them most English: the contrast between playing rock and roll, stirring the establishment, then take a break for a nice cup of tea! 
  read the blog post   I call this piece the Land of No Coffee, cause every time I go to a coffee shop I have a hard time deciding what to drink as an alternative to coffee. Did you notice the "house" wine? haha. It might be fun to take the beverages and turn this into a fabric pattern.
  read the blog post        shop   Starting with a bit of abstract inspiration from circles and the colors orange and yellow, I experimented with textures playing with leaves and shapes of all kinds. 
  read the blog post   This diorama was a labor of love, it took me a few years of working on it whenever I could spare a little time. Found the radio on craigslist, emptied it completely, stripped the finish and applied a fresh coat of paint, then installed lighting. A lot of the finishes inside came from architectural samples, but also wood I varnished and sanded and various card stock from packaging. 
  read the blog post   I based this diorama on the story of the Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami. In the story the main character finds himself in a deep well, caught in between two realities, and at some point while he's in a semi conscious state dreams he's a bird. The bird that winds up the spring of the world and all the people in it. That's the bird you see through the magnifying glass.      
  read the blog post   You might remember the BP oil spill that happened a few years ago in the gulf of Mexico. I put myself in the place of the poor creatures having their environment polluted by a big incoming wave of black oil, and imagined the expression on their face. Funny, yet what a tragedy! I used spices and small seashells as my materials.       
  read the blog post        shop    The concept for this design came from a play on words starting with "seafood bar" and thinking about an underwater bar with sea creatures as customers. Who says bar says music and it wasn't long that the idea popped in my head to make a nautical underwater band.
  read the blog post        shop   All your favorite Santa Barbara spots in one print: Stearns Wharf, State Street, the Mission, Courthouse, Lotusland, etc. I personally love this side street near State (Motor Way), where I always stop for chocolate, coffee, lunch at the bakery, shopping at the press & paperie, so I made sure to include it in my drawing. And did you notice the guitarist? It's Jack Johnson :).
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