Collage Animation

This is a personal project inspired by a song a former music teacher wrote. When I heard it the first time I found the lyrics very beautiful and a lot of images popped in my head. The story is in four part and takes place in three different locations: Paris, Japan, and Cairo. I searched Flickr for images that matched what was in my head then created a storyboard. At the time I loved to play with paper collages and I envisioned a type of stop-motion animation, which I would have to figure out how to do in the computer.

With bitmap images After Effects looked like a better choice than Flash, so I went with that and learned it along the way.

Over the course of a year I developed the first two verses. But It is very labor intensive and unfortunately I had to take a break after the second verse and have been too busy with other projects since. Hopefully I'll have time soon to complete the rest! In the meantime you can imagine it by looking at the full storyboard and listening to the song.