read the blog post   the pleaser: going through great pain to be charming, the sparrow said “yes, mister fox?”  the challenger: seeing all from a split point of view, the swallow  talked to clear the air
  read the blog post   the sufferer: unhappy inside when comes the night, the bird finds himself in a fog  the protector: “stay with me,” said the lion to the bird, “I’ll give you shelter at night”
  read the blog post    the collector: going all out, the squirrel has little room left for anything else  the withholder: “hold it,” said the owls, “as long as we’re here you won’t need anything more”
  read the blog post        shop    The Traveler   A house with legs spins its wheels but isn't going anywhere in between those tall trees. A ladder hanging from the door is dangling in the wind. If its wheels were to stop spinning the house might fall cause there's no ground underneath. It does not seem to bother the dog sitting in the doghouse attached to the back.   The Dweller   A house with legs is carried by a whale, swimming in the ocean. They're not in a hurry to get anywhere. On the roof is lounging a dog, staring at the moon in a starry sky.
  read the blog post     shop   the lovers: with quite a stir the hummingbirds hooked up yet they stayed a world apart  the partners: in this home there is no you and I, underneath it all we are one      
  read the blog post       shop   the pretender: hiding in plain sight, the nightingale holds back while aiming for the moon  the proclaimer:  standing out under the sun, the mockingbird said  “I am who I am”
  read the blog post        shop   the loner: alone for some time, the heron stands by the pine, content in his way  the visitor: to an open home all are drawn, one two three ducks then another swan
  read the blog post   the observer: looking through the glass, the hawk thought to himself, all is not what it seems  the messenger: in the blue haze of dawn, the crow said “well my deers, can’t you see the light?”
  read the blog post   the storyteller: “poof!” went the raccoon, “down here I am the rabbit and you are a deer”  the beholder: “oh, so you’re not a deer... I see... we’re in a game, and this isn’t me”
   read the blog post        shop    The Goner   A salamander is looking back towards mountains, maybe at her past, and either does not see the raven in the joshua tree or is too frightened to look at it. There's a crown floating over her head. She is standing on a rock which appears to be moving on its own though it seems she could jump off at any time. The broken circle in the background is like the motion of stars in a timelapse.   The Survivor   At the bottom of the ocean an egg-carrying papa seahorse and his offspring are staring into each other's eyes, both firmly hooked to a strand of seaweed that keeps them from drifting in the current. That seaweed itself, growing off a rock solidly planted on the ground, isn't going anywhere. One might wonder if the seahorses are aware of the deadly lion fish hanging in the seaweed behind them! They just look so calm with their crown-shaped heads and the sun in the horizon.
  read the blog post       shop   the waiter: with nothing to do but wait, the rooster sits tight on the weathervane  the summoner: no one can resist the rooster crowing in the quiet morning sun
  read the blog post       shop   the planner: counting on order, the elephants would rather all stand by than fly  the improviser: not making sense, the horses follow wherever the heart asks to go
  read the blog post        shop   How creative people work... seamlessly swimming between work and play, making money while having fun. At least that's the goal :)
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